Inclusive Education

‘Commitments’ is also involved in implementation of Inclusive Education for Children With Disabilities(CWD)in collaboration with the Education Department of Govt. of Telangana. One Inclusive Education Volunteer is attached to a school who will motivate the patrents and the CWD to come to school regularly and provide support to the CWD in learning in the class room.This helped Children with Disabilitiess(CWD) in the schools and also helped in raising awareness on CWD rights and entitlements among the teachers and has had positive impact on enrolment, retention of these children in school. Presently 8 Volunteers are engaged in 8 villages to provide home based therapy services to the needy children who will be motivated and prepared to attend school. The volunteer attends the school and helps the children with disabilities to catch up with other students in the class with the help of other students.

‘Commitments’ could enable the parents of children with disabilities to access Scholarships for 206 children’s education every year. Around 95 CWD are getting this support at present.

'Commitments’ have tax-exempt status in India, entitling the donations made to it to qualify for exemption Under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Similarly ‘Commitments’ possesses registration granted by Govt.of India, Ministry of Home Affairs under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 to receive donations and contributions from Foreign Donors and Agencies.

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