History of the Organisation

The ‘Commitments’ is a Public Trust, established in 1985 to work for the development of the rural poor in the most backward Mandals of Mahabubnagar district of the Southern State of Andhra Pradesh, India. It started working with Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) from 2001. ‘Commitments’ is working with 6881 PwDs in 196 Grama-Panchayaths of 8 Mandals of the district, covering a population of 420,000 people i.e. Kosgi, Doulthabad, Bomraspet, Balanagar, Maddur, Ghattu, Dharoor and Maldhakal. In the last decade, the ‘Commitments’ successfully achieved its primary objective of empowering PwDs in these remote rural villages and mandals of the district.

The ‘Commitments’ work focuses mainly on the overall development of PwD and most vulnerable groups through social mobilisation and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) process. In Mahabubnagar, population of PwDs is more than that of the other districts of Andhra Pradesh. Prior to the ‘Commitments’, a large majority of the PwDs were dependant on their guardians, parents and members of the family. Some of them were begging in the villages and nearby towns. Few PwDs had been giving free labour service to the landlords and village heads. ‘Commitments’ facilitated the PwDs to organise themselves into Self-Help Groups (SHGs), provided them with regular training and also provided surgical or rehabilitation support. ‘Commitments’ works in close partnership with the concerned line departments of the Government, as well as the women SHGs and Mandal Mahila Samakyas (MMS) in these Mandals, promoted and nurtured by Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP), Dept. of Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The ‘Commitments’ mobilised and organised 4699 PwDs into 364 SHGs in 8 Mandals. The members themselves now, are in charge of their own activities. Initially, they started with saving activities in the SHGs. With financial support from commercial banks and MMS, a few of them took up income generation activities, such as, petty businesses, vegetable gardens, vegetable vending, laundry shops, tea stalls, barber shops, electrical & electronic shops, flour-mills, livestock, agriculture and allied activities.

'Commitments’ have tax-exempt status in India, entitling the donations made to it to qualify for exemption Under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Similarly ‘Commitments’ possesses registration granted by Govt.of India, Ministry of Home Affairs under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 to receive donations and contributions from Foreign Donors and Agencies.

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